Pixy Headquarters

Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities, Turgi
Commissioned Study, 2007, 1st Place

The new Pixy, Inc. headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located near the Limmat in the Schiffmühle industrial district of Turgi.
The two-story building is situated on an extended base that sets it apart from its surroundings and lends it autonomy. The base forms the entrance area and pedestrian zone, thereby fostering the generous surrounding landscape design.

The building is conceived as a free-standing, self-contained and introspective facility that mirrors the company’s focus on its “inner qualities” – i.e., the development and manufacturing of highly specialized, worldwide employed steering devices in hermetic “black boxes“. The building is concentrically arranged around an exposed concrete core. The two main levels are directly accessed and spatially joined via the two-story entrance hall.

The concrete load-bearing structure is fitted with metal windows and clad in standard industrial sub-assemblies. The outermost layer of perforated sheet metal lends architectural expression to Pixy’s corporate identity and imbues the building with a distinct and versatile appearance.