Zelgli Kindergarden

Zelgli West Kindergarden Untersiggenthal
Invited Competition, 1st Place, 2010

The new construction for the Zelgli West kindergarten establishes an interplay with the existing kindergarten facilities, its form and placement rounding out the site. The optimally lit interiors face south toward the playground. The kindergarten is accessed directly from the Quartierstrasse through a small forecourt.

The building is distinguished by its prominent, striking main entrance, which is echoed in the side entrance to the basement-level multifunctional rooms for public use. The sloped roofing and materials featured in the existing building complex have been carried over into the new construction. Its wing-shaped roof and dynamic floor plan leave plenty of room for interpretation and association, perhaps bringing to mind notions of a fish or butterfly, or maybe even of “a boa constrictor digesting an elephant”, endowing the new kindergarten with an eye-catching, singular appearance.

The exterior metal cladding forms a protective, sensuous shell, while the building’s playful shape and shifting window heights inject it with a childlike spirit.