School Expansion Dietlikon

Addition of Kindergarten and Town Library to Existing School Facilities
Competition, 2008

The addition of a kindergarten to existing school facilities as well as the conversion of the old gymnasium into a town library preserve the qualities of the old town core of Dietlikon, distinguished by its network of pathways, vistas and visual linkages and the succession of small plazas and small-scale buildings.

The insertion of the new kindergarten building onto the grounds introduces new exterior spatial arrangements that generate a variety of qualities and uses. All of the classrooms face the school playground to the east. A two-story atrium at the entrance area as well as one at the exit area opening to the playground spatially link the two levels and increase transparency within the building.

Furniture elements serve as separators that divide the classrooms into different niches and zones and generate diverse play areas in the classrooms. The varying window heights feature 50 cm high sills that also function as tables and glazing that meets the floor, offering a direct view of the school playground.

The sandblasted concrete pigmented with natural minerals forms a protective and evocative building envelope. The varying window heights as well as the colorful awnings lend the building a playful character.