House in Marthalen

Detached Single-Family House, 2007 -2009

This freestanding residential home is situated at the edge of a residential district in Marthalen, bordered by farmland to the east and south. The zoning regulations prescribe a single-story building structure with pitched roof and overhang.

The new building construction is composed of two staggered, adjoining pitched roof building volumes situated on a moderately gradient site. The offset volumes give rise to intermediary spaces that form an entry area at the front of the house and a patio in the back, providing enclosure and acting as buffers. The sandblasted concrete building envelope and bronze-clad window sashes impart a sense of solidity to the home. The spatial concept for the interiors of this new single-family dwelling runs counter to customary attic conversions otherwise typical for this zone that yield poorly functioning rooms with sloped ceilings. Both the living, dining and kitchen areas as well as the bedrooms are all located on one level. The high-ceiling interiors set a spatially dynamic interplay in motion between the common and private areas of the residence, which optically coalesce around the green-gray horizontal band of windows and built-in cabinets in the hallway. The large, square sliding windows offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery while the multitude and variety of vistas within the home engender an airy, expansive ambiance.