Guggenbühl Dietikon

Apartment Buildings and Kindergarten
Invited Competition, 1st Place, 2009
Timeframe: 2014 – 2016

The two proposed apartment buildings and kindergarten are situated along an urban interface between small-scale single-family homes and more expansive apartment building complexes. The interior layout and attic floor requirements are reflected in exterior cubic building volumes that enable these large structures to optically blend with the surrounding neighborhood scale. Rather than appearing as added appendages, the attic volumes merge into the three-story facade. The rough stucco surface of limestone/white cement and mineral aggregates outfits the residential buildings and kindergarten with a robust and striking envelope.

The two kindergarten classrooms are coherently divided into three distinct areas. An ample and transparent circulation zone runs from the covered entry area through the service core area and coatroom and out onto the playground. The entry, living, dining and kitchen areas of the apartment units have been conceptualized as one large, continuous open-plan space that offers up a multitude of contrasting vistas and visual linkages. Each apartment unit is exposed on at least three sides, enabling residents a view of the city center and the immediate surrounding scenery.